Friday, 3 October 2008

Michel's Cupcakes

I made a batch of two dozen chocolate cupcakes Monday night for my neighbour Michel's party. It was his "Saint's Day" so we had a little celebration with lots of little canapes and nibbles and Sangria hehe

I used Agathe's Chocolate Cake recipe, but instead of making one big cake, I spooned the mixture into paper cases to make mini brownie-like cupcakes, decorated them with a thick ganache and sprinkled crystallised rose and violet petal fragments on top while the ganache was still slightly warm so the petal flavours infused into the chocolatey topping...

There was a particularly nice canape that I want to remember - blue cheese (Bleu d'Auvergne) blended with a little butter (proportions: three-quarters cheese, one-quarter butter), chilled in the fridge but brought out to mix regularly, then spread onto mini bite-sized toasts, and topped with half a grape. The sweetness of the grape worked beautifully with the blue cheese. Yum!

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