Friday, 17 October 2008

French Flatbread

Woke up to the smell of fresh warm bread this morning - been baking my own bread. Well, semi-baking. Ok, my bread machine has been doing the baking for me.

I set it on timer a couple of nights a week, and it's been miraculously producing crusty airy loaves, just like pain de campagne. Only last night I rushed, and must've put slightly too much butter in, or pressed the wrong buttons, and it's come out crusty, but brick-like and doughy.

Which is why I will never have my own dream tea-room - my baking is just too random still hehe

edited one week later: ahhh well, after several experiments, it turns out I'd been pressing the wrong buttons to produce the good bread, and it all went wrong when I concentrated and made sure I pressed the right buttons! Weird! Now I'm really confused...

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